Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wiltshire firefighters show off their animal rescue skills

Picture by Peter Cole Wiltshire Fire and Rescue
Princess Anne visited Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service at Salisbury last week where she was able to see the rural safety team in action using specialist large animal rescue training equipment funded through a partnership with the RSPCA.

Salisbury Fire Station hosted the visit and they demonstrated the work of the Service's rural safety team using specialist training equipment for large animal rescues that was funded through a partnership with the RSPCA.

Picture by Peter Cole Wiltshire Fire and Rescue
The Princess Royal was accompanied by the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, John Bush and the Chief Fire Officer, Mr Andy Goves as she watched animal rescue specialists from Amesbury and Stratton Fire Stations demonstrate how a horse that had fallen into a river could be brought to safety without further injury. The crews used a life size dummy horse and lifting equipment funded by the RSPCA using techniques developed by the British Horse Society.
Chief Fire Officer Andy Goves said, “Today is a very proud day for us. We were able to show Her Royal Highness the very high standard of animal rescue work we can undertake and how we work effectively with partners to provide such an excellent service."

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