Monday, March 12, 2012

K&A Navigation Notes: 12 Monday March 2012

Pump outs
Pewsey Wharf pump out is still out of action — but rumours that the portable toilet emptying facilty is out of action are unfounded… well it was working yesterday.
Dundas Wharf and its water and toilet emptying facilities are out of action because of the unsafe state of the wharf building.
Tyle Mill Sanitry Station
The water point & pump out are now working but the portable toilet facility is still out of use. 

Canal width restriction and towpath closures
Tyle Mill Lock (99) to Sulhamstead Lock (100)
Monday 19 March 2012 - Saturday 31 March 2012
Bank Protection work and Towpath resurfacing work will take place that will restrict the width of the canal.  Approach with care and allow time for equipment to be moved allow boaters to pass.  
Enquiries to: 07710 175417
Bradford on Avon canal bridge (171)
Until Thursday 5 April 2012
Scaffold erected under the bridge reduces the navigational width. A traffic light system is in place to control boat movements. Boaters are should approach the area with caution and observe the traffic light .
The towpath is closed during the works and there is a diversion.
For further information call 01380 722859.
Devizes London Road Bridge (138) to Coate Road Bridge (136)
Until 23 Mar 2012
The towpath closed while bank protection and towpath resurfacing work is done. This will close the towpath and restrict available canal width. Boaters should approach with care and allow time for equipment to be moved if necessary.
Enquiries: 01380 722859

Canal stoppages
Hungerford Marsh Lock (73)
Stoppage extended until Friday 23 March 2012
During lock gate replacement excavation of the downstream cill area revealed significant structural defects to the lock approach walls.  The walls require underpinning as the foundations have been washed away and this work must be done immediately because engineers are extremely concerned about the long term stability of the structure. 
Lock 72 and 74 have also been padlocked to maintain water levels and to safeguard personal safety on the lock stoppage.
For further information call: 01923 201120
Bath Flight between Sydney Wharf Bridge (188) and Dolmeads Bridge (194)
Stoppage for repair work to locks

Advice to boaters
Tyle Mill Swing Bridge(23)
To relieve local traffic congestion and  in the interests of 'getting on with the neighbours' boaters are asked not to open Tyle Mill Swing Bridge between 8am and 9am Monday to Friday.
Caen Hill opening hours
Until 29 Mar 2012
Last entrance to flight is at 1pm to clear by 4pm.
Enquiries: 01380 722859)
Hungerford Town Bridge (84)
Construction work on a new footbridge crossing the canal beside the road bridge is taking place.  Proceed with caution. Mooring is restricted along Hungerford Wharf.
Enquiries: 01380 722859

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