Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bath policemen in night time river rescue
By Bob Naylor
Two Bath policeman who saved the life of a man who got into difficulties after he jumped into the River Avon off Pulteney Bridge in Bath have been nominated for Royal Humane Society bravery awards.
Pulteney Weir, Bath: Picture by Bob Naylor

In a dramatic rescue in the early hours of Saturday 4th September, PC Jon Bevan and Sgt Clive Summerill managed to swim across to the man, who was clearly in trouble and bobbing under the water, and they pulled him to safety.

Within an hour of this man being saved, three more young men jumped into the river near the weir. 
They did not need assistance but it prompted Chief Supt Gary Davies to comment, "After a night out drinking some people might think it is fun to cool off by jumping in to the river — but this is extremely dangerous and irresponsible behaviour that not only puts their lives at risk but also that of people who go to help them."

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