Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Poll has River Kennet in top three worst rivers
In an on-line survey to find the best and the worst rivers in the country the River Kennet is currently standing number three after the Thames and the Mersey in the worst rivers category.

County Lock on the River Kennet in Reading                                           Picture by Bob Naylor

The poll is being run by 'Our Rivers' a coalition of WWF, RSPB, The Angling Trust and the Salmon and Trout Association that launched the campaign last year to fight for clean and healthy rivers... in the same year as a Government report revealed that 74% of the UK's rivers are failing to meet EU environmental targets.

'Our Rivers' campaigner, Ralph Underhill, said, “This is the first time people have had a chance to vote for the river which is closest to their heart.
“This award will be a great celebration of one of our richest wildlife habitats – and one that everyone can enjoy because no-one is more than a few minutes from a river, stream or brook.”

Our Rivers is calling on everyone from nature lovers and anglers to boater and ramblers and anyone who cares about their local river to cast their vote for Britain's Best and Worst Rivers — with just a few clicks you can fame or shame your local river.

So if you agree, or if you disagree, that the River Kennet or any other river deserves to be in the 'Worst Rivers' category — or you want to nominate a river for a place among the 'Best Rivers' — go to:  to cast your vote before October 31.

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