Friday, October 01, 2010

Radio Play — Maidens' Trip
On Radio 4 Friday 8 October  2010 at 2.15pm

This is a dramatisation of the classic canal book written by Emma Smith in 1948. The story is a fictional memoir that chronicles the adventures of three 18-year-old women who signed on with the Grand Union Carrying company in wartime Britain.
It is set in 1943 and it follows the maiden voyage of  Emma, Charity, and Nanette aboard the motor-boat 'Venus' and butty 'Adrane' carrying steel from London to Birmingham. It takes them on a journey into the world of boat people, a world that they soon realise is a world completely apart from that of a nation at war. They are often out of their depth — but they face the challenges with courage and good cheer.

The book is available in paperback from Amazon
by Emma Smith
Published by The Belmont Press :Feb 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0905366357
208 pages, £8.99, soft cover

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