Friday, May 20, 2011

Mikron Theatre bring two plays to the K&A

The busy tour schedule of Mikron Theatre brings them back to the area to perform their new show, 'Hell and High Water' and 'Beer Street' that was written to celebrate their 40th Anniversary, which coincided with the Campaign for Real Ale 40th Anniversary. 

Beer Street, described as 'a fast-paced production, full of fun, music and lively bar room chat' asks if the traditional pubs have managed to survive as the social centre of communities in an age of pubcos, trendy wine bars and chilled out cafĂ© bars and if they have been affected by the smoking ban and the new generation of 'binge drinkers' and the associated health problems. 

Mikron Theatre's play Hell and High Water goes back to 1700s when in the turbulent times of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester's demand for coal was insatiable.
     There was an urgent need to get it there quickly and cheaply and three men had a vision and hundreds of others toiled to make it a reality.
      Over rivers, under rock, through "Hell and High Water", they proved that determination can literally move mountains and in 1761 the first boatload of coal was carried smoothly along the Barton Aqueduct over the River Irwell on the Bridgewater Canal — it was an engineering marvel that was the wonder of its age.
     The Guardian said of the Mikron Theatre Company: "The skill, ingenuity and vitality of the troupe is out of all proportion to the modesty of the settings in which they appear and their combined ability to create effective entertainment and instruction from minimal resources and basic techniques" 

Tuesday 28 June 2011
The Trout Inn, Lechlade: Beer Street
Collection after show
7:30pm: The Trout Inn, St John's Bridge, Lechlade On Thames, GL7 3HA. Tel: 01367 252313
Friday 1 July 2011
The Rowbarge, Woolhampton: Beer Street
Collection after show 
8:00 pm: The Rowbarge Station Road, Woolhampton, Reading, RG7 5SH. Tel: 0118 9712213 
Saturday 2 July 2011
Caversham Court, Reading: Beer Street
Collection after show
7:30pm: Caversham Court, 13-19 Church Rd, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7AQTel: 0118 9390771 
Monday 4 July 2011
The Rowbarge, Woolhampton: Hell and High Water
Collection after show
8:00pm: Rowbarge, Station Road, Woolhampton, Reading, RG7 5SH. Tel: 0118 9712213

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