Monday, January 23, 2012

K&A Canal Semington stoppage — update

The stoppage at the Buckley's lock(15) to Barratt's Lock(16) pound at Semington has been put back for a week and this section of the canal will now be closed from Monday 30th January with completion expected on 9th March 2012. 

This stoppage, along with the others on this stretch for the canal between Semington Swing-bridge(161) and Whaddon Bridge (163) will be lifted for the weekend of 11&12 February. 

The seven week — now six week — stoppage at Semington is not only for work on the private dry-dock but also to allow British Waterways to inspect the lock chamber walls at Buckleys Lock (15) which is adjacent to the lock cottage that has suffered problems with its cellar flooding. Repairs and maintenance to the lock gates will also be done during the stoppage.

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