Thursday, January 19, 2012

K&A Canal: Semington to Whaddon Bridge stoppage update

Semington Swing Bridge(161) to Whaddon Bridge(163)
The work on these three stoppages will stop for the weekend of 11&12 February to allow boats to move and then the canal will be closed again on Monday 13 February 2012
Semington Swingbridge(161) to Whaddon Grove Bridge (162)
Monday 13 February - Friday 9 March 2012  WAS: Monday 30 January — Friday 9 March  
This stoppage is for work on culvert 64 — this stoppage co-incides with other stoppages in this area.
Buckley's lock(15) to Barratt's Lock(16) at Semington
Monday 23 January 2012 — Friday 9 March 2012
The pound will be drained to allow work on the dry-dock
Waddon Bridge (163) between Hilperton and Semington - Navigation and towpath 
Monday 13th February and expected to be re-opened 4th March 2012
Closed for bridge maintenance by Wiltshire Council

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