Sunday, January 16, 2011

Historic K&A ice skating picture - more information

This picture of a lone skater on the K&A Canal went online yesterday with a request for more information about the date it was taken. 
Picture by Bob Naylor©
The first response with information is from Tony Adamson the former landlord of the Bridge Inn at Horton who has filled in some of the details:  The skater is Dick Van Klavren who Tony believes still lives in the Devizes area.  

Tony also said, "After BW smashed up his rink in Devizes, Dick was not thwarted and he would skate out on the canal from Devizes to the Bridge Inn at Horton where he would have a chat and glass of lemonade — and then skate back to town."

Tony has also put a name to the crane driver of the crane that went into the canal.  He was Howard Hewitt who was the owner of Devizes Cranes — but Tony isn't sure of the date of the freeze.  So more information and/ or pictures would be welcome.

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