Monday, January 03, 2011

Police link better behaviour to K&A canalside improvements

Anti-social behaviour has stopped at the canalside picnic area at Bradford on Avon say police — and they link that to the work done by volunteers who have worked to improve the area. 

Work parties in the 2011
Working parties run by Derrick Hunt and the BoA Branch of the K&A Canal Trust in the early part of the new year will be:
  • Sunday 9th January
  • Thursday 20th January
  • Sunday 6th February
  • Thursday 17th February
  • Sunday 6th March
The the plan is to tackle the following jobs:

Lock area: weed both sides of lock, remove ivy from wall
Stables: cut ivy on side & roof
Tea room: cut front hedge & weed path
Picnic area: remove litter, strim & mow
Car park: remove litter, trim vegetation, remove weeds, cut ivy on tree
Towpath/ramp: clean out drain
Bank between toilets and car park: finish bank
Rubbish disposal area: pull out bins & sweep up
Canal bank wooded area: remove litter & cut back overhanging vegetation
Bridge adjacent to lock & ramp: litter pick and tidy up cut material
Bridge to Sainsbury’s: sweep steps & cut back vegetation
Pill box next Sainsbury’s bridge: cut back vegetation to reveal all of structure
Lock Inn westwards: litter pick and cut back vegetation

Avon Vale Activity
The Avon Vale Group plan to take the restored former BW work boat to Bradford on Avon at the end of March for three weeks so that vegetation on the offside of the canal can be tackled.  This will be a four day a week activity, probably on Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Monday — so let Derrick Hunt know if you want to get involved in this project.

Hungerford reed planting day
There is one more place available for the morning session on Friday 7th Jan 2011.
Call Derrick Hunt on 01225 863066 if you would like to go along.

See previous story at: reed planting

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