Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chair today . . . gone tomorrow — yet another new Chairman for the K&A Canal Trust

Pictures by Bob Naylor©
In the seemingly never ending game of musical chairs that is being played by the troubled Kennet & Avon Canal Trust the music has stopped once again and it now has another chairman. The fourth in four months.

After the disclosure late last year that the Trust has no cash following another disastrous year of falling membership, ineffective fundraising  and poor results from its trading arm, the Trust first put its General Manager onto part time working and then finally terminated the post.   

The latest twist in this saga is that Mike Rodd, who until December 31st was the Trust's paid General Manager, brought in to fundraise and improve the performance of the Trust and its trading arm, has now been co-opted onto Trust Council and been elected as Chair by the board of Trustees to replace David Inight — who replaced Neil Lethby — who had replaced David Rees. It was David Rees who had been brought in from outside the Trust after a very lengthy recruitment  process to improve the fortunes of the organisation following a period of more than two years with no Chairman after Brian Poulton was ousted from the Chairmanship with a vote of no confidence by Trust Council.


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