Saturday, February 12, 2011

K&A Canal mooring strategy chair quits

Sally Ash, BW Head of Boating Business. Picture by Bob Naylor ©
Sally Ash, The Head of Boating Business at British Waterways, who has been Chair of the Kennet & Avon Canal Local Mooring Strategy Steering Group since its inception has stood down and future meetings will be chaired by Damien Kemp.

In an email to members of the steering group she said, "I am sorry to have had to miss the last meeting of the K&A mooring strategy group. I understand however that good progress was made which is excellent news and I’m delighted with the confirmation that I’m a dispensable member of the group.   I have asked Damian to chair future meetings and will only attend if any special need arises."
Ash has made herself particularly unpopular with the boating community in the Bath and Bradford on Avon area and with some members of the steering group.  Under the headline: "Mooring Strategy meeting runs smoother without its chair", group member,  Panda Rainbow, reported on the Kennet & Avon Boating Community Website: 

"The fifth meeting of the Local Mooring Strategy steering group took place on 28 January. It ran much more smoothly and constructively than the others due to the absence of the BW Chair, Sally Ash. The bullying atmosphere experienced by boaters’ representatives was conspicuous by its absence as BW’s Damian Kemp ran the meeting with a minimum of fuss."

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