Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More staff jobs to go at British Waterways

Jobs to go — and BW call for more volunteers
British waterways is planning to sack up to 60 of its office based staff in a bid to save £3.5m a year. Consultation with the staff unions has begun and BW is asking for volunteers for redundancy and part time working.

BW also say that a pay freeze will be imposed for 2011/12, there will be reduced spending on maintenance, a stop to most recruitment and offices will be consolidated.

Today's statement says that the cuts do not impact on the number of bank staff but it is looking at "operational efficiencies including further outsourcing of vegetation works and a review of bank staff allowances".  It goes on to say, "The organisational structure put in place in 2009 will remain unchanged."

BW chief executive, Robin Evans said, “We knew the next three years were going to be difficult and, in preparation, we have already done a lot to control our costs.  However the impact of the financial climate on our commercial income, the pressures on our pension scheme, and now a cut in our public funding mean that we have to reconsider our plans. This means making the difficult decision to reduce numbers of staff and spend less on major waterway repairs." 

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