Thursday, June 02, 2011

Delays on K&A Canal Bath Flight

Contrators will be removing the scaffolding from the refurbished Stothert and Pitt iron bridges at the tail of two locks on the Widcombe Flight in Bath tomorrow (Friday 3 June 2011) so there may be some delays (possibly up to an hour). Contractors will be on hand to direct boats.

This completes a British Waterways £190,000 project to restore two iron pedestrian bridges which are are listed structures and excellent examples of Stothert & Pitt iron work. 

These historic bridges, Wash House Bridge and Bath Top Lock Footbridge  have a special connection to Bath because they were the first two structures to be manufactured in the Stothert & Pitt Foundry in the city.
BW's heritage advisor, David Viner, said: “The two bridges are great examples of how canals were constructed to mirror the environments through which they pass. The iron work is wonderful and has a very elegant air to it, matching the surroundings of Bath.”

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