Friday, June 10, 2011

K&A Canal navigation notes: Friday 10 June 2011

Stoppages and delays on the K&A
Until further notice: because of extremely low water levels on the summit between Cadley Lock (54) and Crofton Top Lock (55) these locks will be opened at 10am and closed at 3pm.  Share locks whenever possible.
Until further notice: because of electrical problems Padworth Swing Bridge (27) is not functioning properly and it will be operated by BW staff at 10am and 4pm daily.
Monday 13 June until Monday 27 June 2011: Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading — navigate with care. Cleaning work is being done on the riverside walkway and bridges are being painted.
Monday 20 June 2011 until Thursday 23 June 2011  Aldermaston Lift Bridge (28) closed for repair and it will not be possible for boats to pass

The Long Pound (Wootton Rivers to Devizes)
The water level is very low and boaters at Pewsey and Honeystreet are reporting that they are unable to get their boats off their moorings because they are stuck firmly on the bottom — however the 14 mile pound is still navigable — but slowly.

Lock closures & problems
The are no lock closures at the moment but boaters should be aware of problems at:
Church Lock, Great Bedwyn
Reading County Lock (106): The floating pontoon at the entrance to County Lock is in a very unsafe state — BW have taken steps to prevent its use. Do not attempt to use it.
Great Bedwyn Church Lock (64): One of the ground paddles is still out of action - as it has been for 3 years.
Crofton Flight (lock 60): One of the ground paddles is out of action — as it has been for a considerable time.

Crofton waterpoint which had been out of action because of contamination is now back in use.

Rubbish disposal
There is no longer a waste disposal bin near the sanitary station at Hungerford  because of access problems for the Biffa 'one man' waste carts. The nearest rubbish disposal bins to Hungerford are at Kintbury and Great Bedwyn Wharf.
To report fly-tipping and any other problems with the waste disposal sites contact BW in Devizes: 01380 722859 or by email to:

Pump outs
There are no reported problems with the BW pump outs on the canal.
Cards for BW pump-outs can be bought for £10 each from:
 • Aldermaston Wharf Canal Centre
 • Frouds Bridge Marina
 • Bev & Geoff's Pitstop, Newbury
 • The Dundas Arms Hotel, Kintbury
 • Tutti Pole Tea Room, Hungerford 
 • Great Bedwyn Post Office
 • The Waterfront, Pewsey Wharf
 • The Canal Centre, Devizes Wharf
 • The Caen Hill CafĂ©, Devizes
 • Foxhanger Canal Holidays, Devizes 
 • The Boatyard, Trowbridge
 • ABC Leisure Group, Trowbridge
 • Sally Boats, Bradford On Avon
 • The Bath and Dundas Canal Co., Somerset Coal Canal
 • Bath Narrowboats
For contact details for these businesses go to: where they are listed under canal services.

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