Monday, June 06, 2011

Spectacular launch of new boat at Honeystreet Wharf

Arriving by road at Honeystreet: Picture by Bob Naylor©

It was in 1933 with the final demise of the business of Robbins, Lane & Pinniger that the Kennet Barge, Unity, made her last delivery and returned to Honeystreet where she was built — and left to rot on her moorings.
     Although the sawmill and other businesses continued on the site it was the end of an era of canal-related activity at Honeystreet Wharf — until Moonraker Canalboats who operate their hireboat fleet from Builder's Wharf nearby launched a new wide-beam boat there last week.
Through the trees to the canal: Picture by Bob Naylor©

A Robbins, Lane & Pinniger built Kennet Barge at Honeystreet

When Robbins, Lane & Pinniger built their boats on the site they were built beside the wharf and then launched sideways into the canal. 

This new boat, however, started life in the midlands and was transported by road, then craned over the wharf buildings, through the trees that have taken over the wharf, and into the canal.

For more information about Moonraker Canalboats go to their website at:
or phone 07973 876981

There is a feature by Di Harris about the rise and fall of trade at Honeysteet in the KAcanalTIMES 'Lost Wharves' series online at: Honeystreet Wharf feature

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