Thursday, October 27, 2011

Minister back-tracks on British Waterways FoI statement

Waterways Minister, Richard Benyon
Picture by Bob Naylor©
Waterways Minister Richard Benyon was quite clear when he responded in Parliament on 13 October 2011 to a question from Chippenham MP, Duncan Hames, about how the freedom of information legislation would affect the new waterways charity. 

He said: "I am grateful for the opportunity to point out that all the provisions that currently exist for British Waterways in that regard will follow through to the new charity. If the new charity is to have the credibility that it must have, it is important that we assure all those who really mind about this matter that we are protecting those rights.”

The story has taken a bizarre twist and Richard Benyon has now written to Duncan Hames saying that his statement in Parliament was 'premature' and that the issue would be decided by Defra once the responses to the latest consultation have been considered.  He further said that he will be laying a Written Ministerial Statement today to put the record straight. We will publish this as soon as it is available.

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