Saturday, November 20, 2010

River Kennet is the country's second worst river says poll

The River Kennet in Hungerford: Picture by Bob Naylor

The River Kennet was judged to be the second worst river in a poll run by 'Our Rivers' — a pressure group that is a coalition of The Angling Trust, The Salmon and Trout Association, the RSPB and the WWF. 

The River Kennet at County Lock in Reading: Picture by Bob Naylor
The River Kennet came in second behind the River Thames  — which strangely was judged to be both the worst and the second best river in the country — and the River Mersey came in third worst behind the River Kennet.

The poll asked the question, "Is your local river teeming with wildlife or choking with pollution? Is it a place for quiet contemplation, or toxic contamination?" and said, "Whether it's a sparkling stream or a dried up desert, we want to know."
Voters were asked to rate the worst rivers for the presence of invasive species such as crayfish and mink, over abstraction, agricultural pollution, man-made structures blocking fish movement, pollution from roads and sewage and other discharges .

For the best river voters were asked to rate them as great for fishing, a place to relax, the presence of wildlife, access for visiting and great for swimming, canoeing and boating.

The campaign was launched last year to fight for clean and healthy rivers — in the same year as a Government report revealed that 74% of the UK's rivers are failing to meet EU environmental targets.

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