Wednesday, December 01, 2010

K&A Canal anniversary avenue of oak trees

To mark the 200th anniversary of the Kennet & Avon Canal, British Waterways will plant an avenue of oak trees on land alongside the historic Caen Hill Flight in Devizes with the help of pupils from local schools.
Oak trees have been chosen because their timber is traditionally used to make lock gates on the inland waterway network. 29 trees will be planted at the site — one for each lock in the Devizes Flight that includes the world famous Caen Hill Flight.
Pupils from St Peter’s Primary School, Rowdeford School and St Joseph’s Primary School and members of the British Trust for Nature Volunteers will plant the trees at 10.30am tomorrow (2 December).
British Waterways project manager, Sarah Brice, said: “These trees will be planted to mark the bicentenary of the canal and will, we hope, still be standing to celebrate it in another 200 years. Oak lock gates, painted black and white, are one of the most iconic features of British Waterways’ 2,000-mile national network.
"While this project celebrates the heritage of our navigations, today the Kennet & Avon Canal and other waterways are as much loved as leisure spaces and green corridors through our towns and cities as for their historic legacy. By creating this avenue of trees for, and with, the help of the local community, this bicentenary project will celebrate both the canal’s past and its future.”
Kennet & Avon Canal waterway manager, Mark Stephens said: “Throughout this bicentenary year projects around the Kennet & Avon have not only celebrated the navigation but also the role that those who live and work on and alongside it play in maintaining the canal and securing its future. 
"This planting will enrich the environment around the waterway for future generations as well as marking the fascinating history of the navigation.”

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