Thursday, December 09, 2010

Policemen honoured for K&A Canal rescue

The bravery of two Wiltshire Policemen who jumped into the cold dark waters of the Kennet & Avon Canal in Devizes to rescue a woman was recognised when they received commendations from the Chief Constable Brian Moore at a ceremony at police headquarters in Devizes on Tuesday night.

Chief Constable Brian Moore, centre, with PC Mark Green, left and PC Andrew List. 
Picture by Wiltshire Constabulary 

PCs Mark Green and Andrew List were called to the canal at Coate Road Bridge in Devizes shortly before midnight on Saturday July 17th and found a woman standing at the water's edge threatening to commit suicide by thowing herself into the canal.

They tried to dissuade her but the negotiations failed and she threw herself into the murky waters of the canal.

The area was extremely dark, lined with trees and with no artificial lighting. PCs List and Green had no idea how deep the water was but without hesitation they plunged into the canal to save the woman.  They ended up in chest high, water and although they could stand up, the bottom of the canal was covered in thick, soft mud which made it extremely difficult to find their footing and walk. 
They managed to pull the woman to the side of the canal and drag her out, a task made harder by the conditions at the scene and the build of the woman.
The woman suffered no ill effects from the incident and she was detained under the Mental Health Act.
Chief Constable Brian Moore praised them for their quick thinking and bravery and said, "It is clear that without the actions of the officers, the lady could have caused serious harm to herself."

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