Monday, December 20, 2010

Policeman saves man from dock on Bristol's Black Friday

A dramatic night-time rescue in Bristol Harbour was one of the hundreds of incidents recorded on 'Twitter' on Friday night on what Police call Bristol's Black Friday.  
St Augustine's Reach in Bristol Harbour: Picture by Bob Naylor
Police were called to St Augustine's Reach in Bristol City Centre where a man was threatening to jump into the dock. When the emergency services arrived the man was already in the water and a policeman, who has not been named, jumped into the water to rescue him. 
They were both taken to hospital and the policeman later went back on duty.
Avon and Somerset Police describe it as their busiest evening of the year because of the large number of pre-Christmas parties. This year they decided to use 'Twitter' to keep the public informed of the evening's events.

Below is how this event unfolded live on Friday night.

#xmasudeserve Live tweets from the control room about to start
7:59 PM Dec 17th via web
#xmasudeserve Reports of male threatening to jump into the river in Bristol. Ambulance and fire called. Man in water swimming.

#xmasudeserve re: Man in river in Bristol incident: Officer being taken to hospital due to effects of jumping into cold river.

#xmasudeserve Update on officer from river rescue: body temp dropped to 29 / put in heated tent / now ok - been discharged - on duty later

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