Monday, December 13, 2010

New Swindon canal branch in water

 Swindon now has a newly created stretch of canal in water at Whichelstowe the new expansion area in what is known as the town's 'front garden'.

The new stretch of Canal and bridge at Whichelstowe in Swindon beside the M4 Motorway. Picture by Bob Naylor

The Wilts & Berks Canal in Swindon is currently navigable from
King's Hill to the new Swindon expansion area of Whichelstowe and this will
soon link up with a brand new stretch of canal increasing the length of
canal in water to more than 4km.

Looking back towards the the Wilts & Berks Canal from 
the new Whichelstowe branch. Picture by Bob Naylor
The new stretch of canal runs alongside the M4 motorway towards the former Wilts & Berks Canal water supply reservoir at Coate Water on the eastern side of the town.

The Whichelstowe Arm includes a lock that will be the first operational lock of the Wilts & Berks Canal restoration.

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